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Six Reasons to Say Yes! to Needlepoint

Tapestry, aka needlepoint, is a wonderful craft to explore. It’s an old skill with a heritage of being passed on through generations of women, but its grid-based structure can lend itself to modern designs just as well as traditional ones. My own interest in needlework and textiles was sparked by inheriting a huge stash of beautiful threads from my grandmother, which led me to discover that tapestry’s potential for creativity is only as limited the hands pulling the thread.

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Here are a few of the best things you’ll learn about this slow and mindful skill in my upcoming tapestry workshop:

1 -What materials to buy and use use

I’ll introduce the fibers we use, and the different kinds of backing fabric available. It can be overwhelming to go into a haberdashery and see the huge range of materials available so this should have you all clued up and ready.

embroidery materials

2 How to read a basic needlepoint pattern

Needlework patterns of any kind can look bewildering, but actually they are quite logical. Whats looks at first like a bewildering arrange of symbols, dots and dashes is usually quite easy to decode. We’ll be using a basic pattern that will introduce you to the principals.

Cleopatra's Needle Needlepoint Tapestsry Kits

3 The important stitches

I’ll show you to the staple stitches of tapestry. Once you’ve got that under your belt,  you can start bigger straight away. With a bit of practice, you can start on more complex stitches.

Needlepoint Stitching

4 – Using colour

Once you’ve got the stitches mastered, you’ll need to change colours or you’ll be a bit limited in what you can create! But don’t worry, I’ll show you the most efficient way to use different colours, so you can follow patterns or even invent your own designs.

Needlepoint Thread Colours

5  – The back of your work

In an ideal work the back of your work is as neat as the front! Remember though, when you start that it’s more important to get started and have fun! Nevertheless, I’ll teach the techniques to keep the back neat and tidy too.

Zuzana Lalikova…. Zuzana Lalikova is a textiles designer and craft teacher – find out more at http://zuzanalalikova.com or follow her on Instagram at @zuzana_lalikova_textiles 

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