Bloomsbury Textiles

Scarves and textiles inspired by the influential designs of The Bloomsbury Group and Omega Workshops

  • Bloomsbury Blue Silk Scarf

    Bloomsbury Blue Silk Chiffon Scarf


    The subtle colour tones are neutral and flattering. This scarf, inspired by a Bloomsbury Omega Design by Duncan Grant and Frederick Etchells, is an accessory for every occasion and art lover.

  • Bloomsbury Silk Scarf

    Bloomsbury Silk Scarf


    This scarf is inspired by designs from The Omega Workshops, founded by the artist and critic Roger Fry in 1913. Although the company only operated for six years, it was a powerhouse of radical designs from many of the most avant-garde artists of the day including Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, Wyndham Lewis, Frederick Etchells, Henri Gaudier-Brzeska and Winifred Gill.

  • Bloomsbury Silk Tie

    Bloomsbury Silk Tie


    This exclusively developed silk tie is inspired by designs from The Courtauld’s uniquely important collection of Omega Workshops working drawings.