Literature & Theory

Literature and Theory book titles perfect for a Sunday afternoon or morning commute.

  • Roger Fry by Virginia Woolf

    Roger Fry by Virginia Woolf


    Virginia Woolf was a close friend of Roger Fry for many years – after his death she wrote this loving account of his passion for art, his own painting, and his challenging critical theories.

  • The Essential Gombrich

    The Essential Gombrich


    This volume presents an accessible selection of Professor Gombrich’s best and most characteristic writing, and introduces the general reader to his ideas and arguments on many fundamental questions.

  • The Gentleman's Letter Writer

    The Gentleman’s Letter Writer


    The Victorian era was perhaps the golden age of letter writing, an art that has largely now been lost in the face of modern technology and changing codes of conduct. ‘The Gentleman’s Letter Writer’ is at once a testament to the elegance of nineteenth-century communication and an entertaining insight into how carefully the Victorians chose their words – and the potentially disastrous effects if they did so imprudently!

  • The Power of Art

    The Power of Art


    The Power of Art Closes in on intense make-or-break turning points in the lives of eight great artists who, under extreme stress, created something unprecedented, altering the course of art for ever. This title features Caravaggio, Bernini, Rembrandt, David, Turner, Van Gogh, Picasso and Rothko.

  • The Value of Art

    The Value of Art


    In straightforward prose that doesn’t mystify art or deny its special allure, prominent art dealer and market expert Michael Findlay offers an up-close and personal view of almost a half-century in the business of art.

  • Virginia Woolf by Alexandra Harris

    Virginia Woolf by Alexandra Harris


    This gripping new account offers an ideal introduction to both the life and work of Virginia Woolf. It considers each of Woolf’s novels in context, traces the contentious course of her afterlife, and shows why, seventy years after her death, Virginia Woolf continues to haunt and inspire us.