Choose from an array of book titles covering a range of periods and styles including authoritative works of established Courtauld authors.

  • How to Read a Painting

    How to Read a Painting


    Clues to the meaning of the masterpieces of art history lie in a rich system of symbols, themes and motifs that often elude the modern eye. Without the intimate knowledge of Greek and Roman mythology, folklore and Christian theology so vivid in the minds of the artists and familiar to their public, we often miss the visual hints that gave contemporary meaning to a painting.

  • How to Read an Impressionist Painting

    How to Read an Impressionist Painting


    This generously illustrated book is organised by subject matter, looking at urban views and city life, interiors and still life, family and friends, and other common themes. In this way readers will have the tools to think critically and analytically about the movement, and a new understanding of the collective momentum that drove the impressionists to work with such originality and commitment to their own times.

  • Impressionism: 50 Paintings You Should Know

    Impressionism: 50 Paintings You Should Know


    No artistic education is complete without a healthy dose of the Impressionists. Here, fifty of the most important works from the early nineteenth to the turn of twentieth centuries are reproduced in gorgeous colour, including the best of Monet, Degas, van Gogh, Renoir, Cezanne, Cassatt, Manet, Seurat, and Pisarro.

  • La Courtauld Gallery Capolavori

    La Courtauld Gallery Capolavori


    La Courtauld Gallery è uno dei più bei piccoli musei del mondo. Questa quida presenta una scelta di capolavori tra quelli dell’ampia collezione, a partire dal primo Rinascrimento fino al XX secolo.

  • Magic at the Museum

    Magic at the Museum


    Jane Heinrichs’ delightful imagination and her wonderful artistry have created a work of real magic. In the dream of her small heroine, she not only brings to life the Courtauld’s great Rubens’ portrait of Jan Bruegel and his family, but also brilliantly captures the charm of its 18th century architectural setting looking out over Edmond J. Safra courtyard at Somerset House.

  • Ocean Photicular Book

    Ocean- A Photicular Book


    An alien-like Dumbo octopus hovers in the inky black deep; a vivid orange sea nettle jellyfish gracefully floats by. The bioluminescent and ferocious deep sea angler glows in the dark; a neon sea horse feeds among the kelp. A sand tiger shark bares its teeth; a moray eel peers out of the seaweed in vivid, up close detail.

  • Pre-Raphaelites Masterpieces of Art

    Pre-Raphaelites Masterpieces of Art


    An excellent read to showcase key works of the Pre-Raphaelites in all their glory. Part of a new series of beautiful gift art books.

  • Rodin World of Art

    Rodin (World of Art)


    Auguste Rodin, the greatest sculptor of the 19th century, is also widely considered to be the greatest since Michelangelo, whose genius was a lifelong inspiration to him.

  • Rodin Basic

    Rodin Basic


    While anchoring his practice in the traditions of antiquity and the Renaissance, Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) paved the way for modern sculpture.

  • Rodin: The Hands of Genius

    Rodin: The Hands of Genius


    Rodin, the first monograph from the Musee Rodin, with an authoritative foreword from its director, is written by the exceptional museum’s leading experts, who have priviledged access to the great works and little-known archival material in Paris and around the world.

  • Roger Fry by Virginia Woolf

    Roger Fry by Virginia Woolf


    Virginia Woolf was a close friend of Roger Fry for many years – after his death she wrote this loving account of his passion for art, his own painting, and his challenging critical theories.

  • Safari A Photicular Book

    Safari A Photicular Book


    Imagine a field guide to all the animals you’d encounter on an African safari, but instead of looking at a photograph of them in the book youre reading, you’re actually seeing a small film clip on the page of the animal in motion. Its a PhoticularTM Book a lenticular-based technology that transfers fluid 4-colour movies onto a book page.