Rodin Books

Choose from an array of fabulous book titles inspired by Rodin and Dance: The Essence of Movement exhibition now on at The Courtauld Gallery.

  • Auguste Rodin

    Auguste Rodin


    Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) was the foremost sculptor of the nineteenth century, creating such iconic works as The Kiss, The Thinker and The Gates of Hell, alongside many vivid portraits.


  • Hidden in the Shadow of the Master

    Hidden in the Shadow of the Master


    Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet and Auguste Rodin. The names of these brilliant nineteenth-century artists are known throughout the world. But what is remembered of their wives?


  • Rodin



    Recognized today as the greatest sculptor of all time, whose expressive style prefigured that of the modernist movement and abstract sculpture, Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) stirred up much controversy during his lifetime, and his sculptures often met with hostility and incomprehension from his peers.


  • Rodin World of Art

    Rodin (World of Art)


    Auguste Rodin, the greatest sculptor of the 19th century, is also widely considered to be the greatest since Michelangelo, whose genius was a lifelong inspiration to him.


  • Rodin & Eros

    Rodin & Eros


    The theme of the erotic is ever present in the work of Auguste Rodin, both in his sculptures and in his many drawings.


  • Rodin & the Dance of Shiva

    Rodin & the Dance of Shiva


    In 1913, photos of The Nataraja bronze from the Chennai Museum inspired Auguste Rodin s text The Dance of Shiva .


  • Rodin Basic

    Rodin Basic


    While anchoring his practice in the traditions of antiquity and the Renaissance, Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) paved the way for modern sculpture.


  • Rodin: Sex and the Making of Modern Sculpture

    Rodin: Sex and the Making of Modern Sculpture


    During his lifetime, Auguste Rodin’s name became synonymous with modern sculpture. It also became linked with sex. ‘Desire! What a formidable stimulant’, he once remarked.


  • Rodin: The Hands of Genius

    Rodin: The Hands of Genius


    Rodin, the first monograph from the Musee Rodin, with an authoritative foreword from its director, is written by the exceptional museum’s leading experts, who have priviledged access to the great works and little-known archival material in Paris and around the world.


  • You Must Change Your Life

    You Must Change Your Life


    Paris, 1902: Renowned sculptor Auguste Rodin has just completed The Thinker. Rainer Maria Rilke is a delicate young visitor from Prague, broke and suffering from a case of writer’s block.