Beautifully crafted from the finest silk, our men’s neckwear will add the finishing touches to his wardrobe.

  • Bloomsbury Silk Tie

    Bloomsbury Silk Tie


    This exclusively developed silk tie is inspired by designs from The Courtauld’s uniquely important collection of Omega Workshops working drawings.

  • Eugene Boudin Deauville Silk Tie

    Boudin Deauville Silk Tie


    Inspired by one of Eugene Boudin evocative seascape paintings, exhibited at The Courtauld Gallery. Boudin, the 19th century French landscape artist (1824-1898), started the trend for painting out of doors, paving the way for the Impressionists. He is best known for his maritime scenes and his fabulous skies.

  • Cezanne Lac D'Annecy Silk Tie

    Cezanne Lac D’Annecy Silk Tie


    Inspired by sky and water details in the serene painting Lac d’Annecy, a work by the post-Impressionist Paul Cezanne (1839 – 1906). Found exclusively at The Courtauld Shop.

  • Red Klimt Silk Tie

    Klimt Silk Tie in Red


    The style of Gustav Klimt (1862–1918) and his work entitled Hope, II (1907-08) inspired the design of this silk tie.