Exceptional, hand-crafted ceramics carefully-selected from the most desired UK and international designers and craftsmen.

  • Japanese Floral Tea Set in Duck-egg Blue

    Japanese Floral Tea Set in Duck-egg Blue


    Sprigs of white flowers on duck-egg blue teapot and cup set. Includes flexible bamboo handle and four matching cups. Made from porcelain and bamboo.


  • Bloomsbury Berwick Mug

    Bloomsbury Berwick Mug


    A decorative mug inspired by the work of Duncan Grant for the panels on the Berwick Church Pulpit in East Sussex.


  • Venus Plate by Bloomsbury Ceramics

    Venus Plate by Bloomsbury Ceramics


    This amusing and decorative plate was inspired by designs made by Duncan Grant in the 1930s. Produced in a limited edition, hand numbered of 250. Perfect to add some fun and colour to your dining table, your display cabinet or to hang on the wall.


  • Duncan Grant Poppy Plate

    Duncan Grant Poppy Plate by Bloomsbury Ceramics


    This wonderful plate was originally designed by Duncan Grant in 1934 and now being produced in a limited edition of 100 by Bloomsbury Ceramics.


  • Vanessa Bell Bouquet Tile

    Vanessa Bell Bouquet Tile


    Inspired by the work of Vanessa Bell, this tile is made from terracotta. The tile comes with felt pads to reverse and is perfect to use as a teapot stand or trivet.


  • Allegory of Charity Stained Glass Panel

    Charity Stained Glass Panel


    The William Morris stained glass partnership with Edward Burne-Jones produced works of a very high order, and a very distinctive Pre-Raphaelite style – rich in colour – harking back to the medieval glass common in English cathedrals and churches before much of its destruction in the 16th and 17th centuries.


  • Chilli Heart Shaped Trivet

    Chilli Heart-Shaped Trivet


    Love your kitchen with a our handcrafted heart-shaped trivet by The Braided Rug Company.


  • Chocolate Chip & Cherry Biscuits

    Chocolate Chip & Cherry Biscuits


    Established in 1940, Farrah’s has been bringing customers quality confectionery for many years. Their products have passed the rigours of their selection process. Sold in the heart of Harrogate, these scrumptious gifts are the perfect treat.


  • Degas Dancer Examining Sole of Her Right Foot

    Degas Dancer Examining the Sole of Her Right Foot


    Degas refused to have his sculptures cast in bronze as Vollard, the art dealer, wished. He felt this eternal material would prevent him from starting again. However, around 1900, he accepted to have three of his studies cast, including this dancer examining the sole of her right foot.


  • Degas Little Dancer

    Degas Little Dancer


    Edgar Degas’s “The Little Dancer” was the only work of his exhibited in his lifetime. Since its original showing, it has earned a huge and almost universal appeal among museum-goers and art fans everywhere.


  • Degas Small Arabesque

    Degas Small Arabesque


    Even though he was known mainly as a painter, from the 1860s onwards, modelling occupied an increasingly important place in the work of Degas, and it became his principal mode of expression by the end of his career.


  • Degas Small Spanish Dancer

    Degas Small Spanish Dancer


    Spanish Dance is one of the most elegant sculptures in the series and was based on the Paris Opera’s ballet company. This enchanted world provided Degas with a lifetime of inspiration.