Bespoke sweets available exclusively from The Courtauld Shop, chocolate-filled bonbonnieres, biscuits, marmalades and decadent gift boxes sure to delight this festive season.

  • Rue Royale Gift Box

    Rue Royale Gift Box

    Sale! £40.00 £30.00

    The Rue Royale Gift Box comes in a gift hat box and includes: Strawberry preserve, 42g, Mini-egg tin milk chocolate cereal pearls, 50g and more delightful treats.

  • Bespoke Gents Gift Hamper

    Bespoke Gents Gift Hamper


    Bespoke gents gift hamper with chocolate chip biscuits, three fruit marmalade, and wild flower honey. 340g preserves, 200g biscuits.

  • Bespoke Ladies Hamper

    Bespoke Ladies Gift Hamper


    Bespoke gift hamper with clotted cream biscuits, plum preserve and summer blossom honey. 340g preserves, 200g biscuits.

  • Bloomsbury Clotted Cream Biscuits

    Bloomsbury Clotted Cream Biscuits


    Clotted cream biscuits. Cover: Winifred Gill (1891-1981) Marigolds, 1920s (detail) © The Bodleian Library, Oxford The Courtauld Gallery, London.

  • Vanessa Bell Breakfast Tea

    Vanessa Bell Breakfast Tea


    A rich strong traditional blend of finest quality teas from Assam and Kenya. 50 bags (125 g) Cover: Vanessa Bell (1879-1961) A Conversation, 1913-16.