Soutine Prints

Exceptional quality, fine art prints selected from The Courtauld Gallery exhibition Soutine’s Portraits: Cooks, Waiters & Bellboys.

  • Bellboy Mounted Print

    Bellboy Mounted Print


    CHAÏM SOUTINE. (1893-1943) Bellboy (Le Groom) c. 1925. Musée national d’art moderne/Centre de création industrielle, Centre Pompidou, Paris.

  • The Little Pastry Cook Mounted Print

    The Little Pastry Cook Mounted Print


    CHAÏM SOUTINE. (1893-1943) The Little Pastry Cook (Le Petit Pâtissier) c. 1927. The Lewis Collection. © Christie’s Images, London/Scala, Florence.

  • Waiting Maid Mounted Print

    Waiting Maid Mounted Print


    CHAÏM SOUTINE. (1893-1943) Waiting Maid (La Jeune Servante) c. 1933. Ben Uri, London. © Ben Uri Gallery, The London Jewish Museum of Art / Bridgeman Images.

  • Butcher Boy Mounted Print

    Butcher Boy Mounted Print


    CHAÏM SOUTINE (1893-1943) Butcher Boy (Le Garçon boucher) c. 1919-20. © Private Collection, courtesy Simon Capstick-Dale. The Courtauld Gallery, London.

  • Pastry Cook of Cagnes Mounted Print

    Pastry Cook of Cagnes Mounted Print


    CHAÏM SOUTINE. (1893-1943) Pastry Cook of Cagnes (Le Pâtissier de Cagnes) c. 1922-23. Museum of Avant-Garde Mastery of Europe (MAGMA). © Christie’s Images,